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Shree Dev Consultancy is the Service Partner of Taj-hind Edutech.

Taj-hind Edutech was established in 2004 and is one of the trusted and professional consultancies in India-Tajikistan. Shree Dev Consultancy feel proud to announce that Taj-hind Edutech has been providing hustle free admission support to indian students for MBBS in abroad. Shree Dev Consultancy believe in honesty and our mission is to provide the best consultation and support to students. Our experts will help you take informed decision for admission with detailed information about the institute you seek for admission. 

Taj-hind Edutech Pvt. Ltd. Has created an impressive record of trust in Education consulting industry. We have been assisting and consulting MBBS aspirant students getting admission to foreign country Tajikistan. Shree Dev Consultancy guide students and parents make right decision in college or university as per their interest & budget. We guarantee the admission if you meet the eligibility criteria and documentation done on time.

Shree Dev Consultancy are the leading and recognized education consultants in India & Service Partner of Taj-hind Edutech. Our head office is located in Jaipur, with the name of Shree Dev Consultancy as a consulting and recruitment firm. We help you get excellent and industry demanding education, degree and courses in the field of Medical. In the technological era, we are always at your service through our social media and phone calls. We are always happy to address your concerns regarding to admission, guidance, fees, counselling.


Shree Dev Consultancy

Shree Dev Consultancy stands by your side throughout your journey of achievements, guiding you from admission to the joyous moment of receiving your medical degree, fulfilling your dreams. We eliminate barriers between students and their desired destinations, without any intermediary or consultancy charges, offering transparent insights into further studies.

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Shree Dev Consultancy, your trusted companion for studying MBBS abroad, is here to support and guide you throughout your academic journey until graduation. Our expert guidance and personalised assistance ensure a seamless and fulfilling experience as you pursue your dream of studying medicine abroad.

Indian Food Options Available

Understanding the importance of comfort and familiarity in a foreign land, Shree Dev Consultancy ensures that students can access Indian food while studying abroad.

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Work permit approval in higher education is specifically tailored to support career professionals in their pursuit of advanced studies and professional development.

Study in Tajikistan

Studying in Tajikistan offers affordable education with a diverse range of programs and courses, providing students with high-quality learning opportunities and a unique study abroad experience.

Study in Georgia

Georgia is one of the best countries to study because it offers a captivating blend of rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes that create an immersive and inspiring learning environment.



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20+ Best Universities Scholarship Programs From 20 Countries​

We also help with other family based employment based and investment based Immigration. Praesent eui vel aliquam nisl efficitur eu.

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20+ Best Universities Scholarship Programs From 20 Countries​

We also help with other family based employment based and investment based Immigration. Praesent eui vel aliquam nisl efficitur eu.

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Validity From : 2022-01-11 12:00 - 2022-01-11 12:00
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World Class Universities

Partnered with Top Universities of Georgia, Russia, Kazakistan and Tajikistan

With a strong focus on premier universities in Georgia, Russia, Kazakistan and Tajikistan, We provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the admission process. We have collaborated with top universities in Georgia, Russia, Kazakistan and Tajikistan. Our expert team ensures that students receive the best opportunities for quality education, enabling them to embark on successful medical careers. The best thing is students are not required to give touch tests to get admission to top medical universities and colleges.

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We have helped students, business persons, tourists, clients with medical needs to acquire U.S. visas. Besides, we also help with other family and provide counseling services for immigration

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We are proud to be connected with passionate MBBS agents who share our commitment to helping students achieve their dreams of studying medicine abroad. Together, we strive to provide exceptional guidance and support throughout the admission process, ensuring a seamless and successful journey towards a medical career.

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Shree Dev Consultancy offers the opportunity to study MBBS in top universities in Georgia and Tajikistan, providing direct admissions with no donation requirements. We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process, ensuring a smooth transition and excellent academic support.
Yes, we understand the importance of a comfortable living environment. We help students find the best dormitories and accommodation options near the universities.
Absolutely! We understand the significance of familiar cuisine for students. Shree Dev Consultancy ensures that Indian food options are available to cater to the dietary preferences of students, providing a taste of home while they pursue their studies.
Shree Dev Consultancy is committed to supporting students throughout their educational journey. We stand by our students from admission until graduation, offering continuous assistance and guidance whenever needed.
No, we believe in complete transparency. Shree Dev Consultancy ensures no hidden charges or additional fees beyond admission. We provide clear and detailed information about all expenses, making the financial aspect clear to students and their families.
The universities we collaborate with in Georgia and Tajikistan are known for their excellent medical education standards and recognition worldwide. They offer modern facilities, experienced faculty, and a conducive learning environment. Additionally, the cost of education is comparatively affordable, making it an attractive option for students seeking quality medical education abroad.

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